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Add a new star to your business!

Open up for internship for our app developer students!

Mobile business affects every industry and every profession. The mobile phone is an excellent driving force allowing us to communicate. It gives us great opportunities to deliver products, of any kind at any time. Be it services, information, knowledge, entertainment, or advertising.

We have 35 students who have learned how to develop mobile solutions with iPhone and Android apps. Our students are eager to show what they can do for your business. Our students think right, they think new, and they think business.

LIA stands for Lärande I Arbete (learning in a work environment) and is the workplace-based part of the education like regular internships, but where you also share your knowledge about your industry.

The LIA period begins on Monday, April 19th, lasts 20 weeks and ends on Friday, October 9th, including a five-week summer vacation from midsummer to early August (but you can plan this with the student).

LIA is an excellent opportunity for your business to finally get that solution done, build that app, getting started with what you have had in your plans for several years. It is also a great opportunity to try out our students’ knowledge and skills. Our students are so popular that they are often offered employment or get new assignments after graduation. 

Malmö Yrkeshögskola is all about real labor market needs and works in close cooperation with employers and industry. Our students have practical and useful knowledge in app development in the two new and most important programming languages – Swift for Apple and Kotlin for everything Android. Many of our students also have additional knowledge of other programming languages.

Our students will present themselves in more detail on our website, and you will be able to meet them in person or via video link. Our students can work at your office or from home or some of our partners MINC, Media Evolution, Ideon Innovation, Mindpark, and others, as it best suits your business.

Write a short note, 5-10 lines WITHOUT trade secrets, right now and send it to, and we will forward it to our students. Our education leader Marie Bjelksäter will come back to you with practical details. It is not more complicated than that.

LIA is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain new knowledge and a chance to meet new employees who can help develop your company’s business with fantastic services and products for a fantastic world!

Call us on 0200-210 999 or for all your questions!

Background: Yrkeshögskolan, Higher Vocational Education (HVE) programs are created in close cooperation with employers and industry. Most HVE programs offer work placement. In HVE, work placement is referred to as LIA, Learning in a work environment. The goal for us is for students to be employable from day one after graduation.

As an employer, LIA means an opportunity to try and get in touch with your future employees. And ensure that the student acquires the skills that correspond to the requirements for the future professional role.

We are approved by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education, we are quality authorized by Utbildningsföretagen (The Association of Private Education Providers, part of Almega and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), we have more than 30 years of experience of new technology education for adults, and an AAA rating from Bisnode (Dun & Bradsteet).