Content Manager

420 YH credits • 2 years including 8+20 weeks LIA
Apply by 2018-11-30 • Education start 2019-01-28

Content Manager is a program for those who want to work creatively and commercially with new digital strategies, audience and channel analyzes to best take responsibility for and develop a company's or an organization's digital information flow.

Learn how to handle information, advertising, news and knowledge in a world where the screen is the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see in the evening, where the total amount of information exceeds multiple zettabytes and where a click reaches a billion people if done correctly.

The polytechnic education for Content Manager will make you technically advanced, familiar with the possibilities of digitization, learn how to analyze, think strategically and understand business. You need to understand where we are going to get the best of all new opportunities that accompany the rapid technological development.

There are currently hundreds of available jobs as Content Manager. Leading digital agencies, as well as corporate marketing and information departments, are looking for content managers who can be responsible for creating, publishing, monitoring, analyzing, and improving digital messages to reach higher goals. To unmatchly strengthen the client's brands and business in the best way with solutions that engage and convert.

It's a tough job that requires both commitment and great competence. Therefore, we offer this training for those who want to lead and develop great content strategies for a very exciting digital future.

For Content Manager, High School Diploma lowest grade E in English 6 or equivalent and lowest grade E in Swedish 3 or equivalent.

Study curriculum:
Dynamic media production, 85p, 17 weeks
Learning in Work 1, 40p, 8 weeks
New marketing communication, 65p, 13 weeks
Advanced media production, 20p, 4 weeks
Communication strategy and analysis for new digital channels, 45p, 9 weeks
Project management, 30p, 6 weeks
Learning in Work 2, 100p, 20 weeks
Degree Project, 15p, 3 weeks

Professional roles:
Content manager
Community manager
Responsible social media
Marketing communications
Developer complex campaigns
YouTube editor
Media Business Manager Strategist
Production manager advanced communication
Technical operation of new media channels