Content Producer

305 YH credits • 1.5 years (61 weeks) including 20 weeks LIA
Apply by 2018-05-25 • Education start 2018-08-27

For those who want to become an expert in developing content that works across all channels, work cross mobile with apps, frontend, social media, new forms of print, text, image, audio, video and advanced infographic to get the best into a messy media world

The polytechnic education for Content Producer is for those who want to be at the forefront. The latest publishing systems, from print to cross mobile publishing, advanced version management and new production modes for text, image, audio, video and infographic, modern typography, mobile interaction design with new animation techniques, front and backend knowledge, and 360 °, 3D, VR , AR and MR, accessibility issues, commercialization and monetization, as well as web apps for mobiles and tablets, but also for other new devices and the Internet of Things.

An education for those who want to do and not only know.

High School Diploma lowest grade E in English 5, Mathematics 2 a/b/c and Programming 1 - or equivalent.

Study curriculum:
Web production, 40p, 8 weeks
Media Production Mobile Devices 30p, 6 weeks
DTP, 30p, 6 weeks
Audio, video and interactivity, 40p, 8 weeks
Advanced media production, 40p, 8 weeks
Payment system, 10p, 2 weeks
Learning in Work, 100p, 20 weeks
Degree Project, 15p, 3 weeks

Professional roles
Content producer
Text, image, audio, video and infographic
Social and digital media
Streaming plus 360°, 3D, AR, VR and MR
Front- and backend (basics in fullstack)
Web coder
Web app developer