Mobile Trade

315 YH credits • 1.5 years (63 weeks) including 20 weeks LIA
Apply by 2018-05-25 • Education start 2018-08-27 • DISTANCE EDUCATION

What new business opportunities will happen when we're all connected whenever, wherever and whatever? When we pick up our phone 200 times a day, when it's in reach 24/7 and its screen is the last thing we see in the evening and the first thing we see in the morning?

How do we communicate information, advertising, news and knowledge in a world where everyone has been zettabytes with information accessible through the mobile screen that's the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see in the evening?

Technical developments provide brand new and advanced opportunities in modern trading and e-commerce. See opportunities for micropositioning and apps for shops, shopping centers, venues, museums, restaurants and others who want the opportunity to provide the right information at the exact right time to exactly the right visitor.

Vocational Education in Mobile Trade gives you the knowledge to combine the digital world with real.

Learn new mobile trading and e-commerce solutions.
Help the visitor industry with digital tourism technology!
Secure digital channels and mobile payment systems.
Work with marketing and modern tools.
Become a driven project manager with new technical skills.
Learn to build web apps and other mobile solutions.
Work with design, as a project manager or start your own business.
Work-related training of 20 weeks is included.
Connect contacts in mobile commerce and digital tourism.

The education is given at distance with six meetings in Malmö.

High School Diploma lowest grade E in English 5, Mathematics 2 a/b/c and Programming 1 - or equivalent.

Skånes Yrkeshögskola is a sister school to MMalmö Yrkeshögskola.

Study curriculum:
Selling design, 50p, 10 weeks
Marketing, sales 65p, 13 weeks
Programming and Technology, 85p, 17 weeks
Learning in Work, 100p, 20 weeks
Degree Project, 15p, 3 weeks

Professional roles:
Mobile Commerce Developers
Mobile communications manager in trading companies
Social and digital media
E-commerce developer
E-commerce manager in trading companies
Project leader mobile commerce
Project managers mobile payment solutions
App Developer for Mobile Commerce