We promise to protect your personal information as much as we can. We do not sell any information to third parties and the only third party we inform are:

1. Authorities and others we are required by law, regulation and precept. This applies, for example, to the Authority of the University of Applied Sciences, the Central Student Support Commission and other organizations that have to access your personal data in order to be granted access to the education, granted study support and the likes. This also applies to dependent service providers such as Mecenat and Student Card.

2. Different companies whose products and services we offer you, as a student, and must be registered with email address, name and address. This applies, for example, to Adobe, Lynda and Binero for those of you who access these products during your education. It is entirely voluntary to refrain from these products or arrange them otherwise. To manage your information for such services and products, the service or product provider's privacy policy applies.

3. In some programs you are responsible for other registrations that the school pays for but not managed by the school, such as Apple Developer Account or Google Sales Account. For such services and products, the service or product provider's personal data rules apply.

4. On our e-learning platform, you will also record your progress, test results and basis for grades. This information can only be seen by the students as well as by the school's employees. Some information, such as thesis work, may be public information according to the publicity principle and then governed by Swedish law.

What is written above applies to Sveriges Yrkeshögskola AB and all secondary offices, such as Malmö Yrkeshögskola and Skånes Yrkeshögskola.

All personal data storage is done either locally on your own computers or on servers within the EU / EEA. The principal has overall responsibility for the data to be safely stored.

By requesting information or submitting an application to any of our programs, you also acknowledge that you are aware that your information will be stored by us in accordance with the above.

If we change any of these items, you will receive information sent to you about this at the email address we have registered for you. You are also entitled to see all information we have registered about you. If you wish, we may remove all information about you from our registry after you graduate, except for the study documentation we must provide to the authorities. For more information, please email