Programmers iPhone and Android

200 YH credits • 1 year (40 weeks) including 10 weeks LIA
Apply by 2018-05-25 • Education start 2018-08-27

The app industry continues to grow strongly. According to the EU, an additional million app developers are needed when advanced apps are people's most common digital tools for travel, purchasing, education, sports, news, work, media, games and entertainment.

In our program Programmers iPhone and Android, you will learn effective ways to create apps, from Apple's new Swift program to Google's new Kotlin / Java for Android.

You also get an insight into possibilities with new types of mobile devices, health and health solutions, Internet of Things, HomeKit and upcoming services.

The education is tough with intensive studies, but the one who strives gets his reward in attractive jobs in exciting industries.

Learn to produce native apps quickly, efficiently and profitable with Swift and Kotlin / Java for iOS and Android.
Get insight into new APIs like HomeKit.
Work-related training of 10 weeks is included.
Get basic knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Build a large network of mobile phone networks.
Start your own business during the study time with the chance to support the Greenhouse, MINC, IDEON Innovation and Mindpark.

An education for those who want to do and not only know.

Own equipment:
To make apps for both iOS and Android, you should have your own MacBook Air (8/256) and a good smart phone.

High School Diploma lowest grade E in English 5, Mathematics 2 a/b/c and Programming 1 - or equivalent.

Study curriculum:
Programming iOS, 65p, 13 weeks
Programming Android, 65p, 13 weeks
Internet of Things (IoT), 10p, 2 weeks
Learning in Work, 50p, 10 weeks
Degree Project, 10p, 2 weeks

Professional roles:
Programmer mobile applications
Developer (Swift, Kotlin / Java)
Procurement mobile applications
Production Manager Mobile Applications
Business developer mobile applications