Qualification and experience


Most of you are usually somewhere between 25 and 35 years old, but we definitely have no barriers for younger or older than that. If you feel that you want to invest heavily in education and are in a hurry to use your new skills. And make money.

We never treat someone differently regardless of gender or background. With us everyone is equally worthy and we have the same high demands on everyone.


The eligibility requirements are as when applying to the university, ie at least Swedish or foreign upper secondary school (referred to as previous basic university degree), residing in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway or through Swedish or foreign education, practical experience or due to any other circumstance, have the opportunity to take advantage of the education

You may also be eligible to apply through Swedish or foreign education, practical experience or because of any other circumstance that has given you the prerequisites for taking the education. Read more at the Authority for the College of Higher Education and contact the management team if you consider yourself to be eligible without a high school diploma.

Special qualifications for all our programs:

Lowest grade E in English 6
Lowest grade E in Mathematics 2
Lowest grade E i Programming 1

Or equivalent, which always applies to the university of higher education.