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Machine Learning (AI) On-Device

Approved and free short-term course
Continue to work and study
or apply for financial grants for studies

  • Build your own secure AI solutions
  • Protect information and privacy
  • Learn CoreML (iOS) and MLKit (Android)
  • Learn to program with AI support
  • Become even more attractive in the job market

The demand for practical AI solutions is snowballing. Companies are lining up to implement new technologies into existing processes, products, and services.

However, it’s crucial to be cautious about the types of information and knowledge fed into systems developed by organizations like OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft and Google.

This caution should also extend to systems operated by questionable owners in non-democratic countries. Sensitive information, such as trade secrets; government and financial data; educational and medical records; and personal privacy details should be carefully managed.

Small devices can perform AI calculations directly ‘on-device.’

You will learn how to understand, plan, and build such solutions using CoreML for Apple and MLKit for Android, solutions that give you full control over your information and knowledge.

Malmö Yrkeshögskola is therefore offering a brand new 14-week course this fall, specially designed for those who want to further develop in their professional role and acquire the new skills in On-Device Machine Learning for Apple and Android devices.

We start Monday, September 25th. The course is approved, free of charge, and qualifies for grants according to CSN’s conditions. The course is held online and is flexibly structured for those who want to upgrade their skills while continuing to work. Development and sales licenses from Apple and Google are included.

  • Machine learning with CoreML (iOS), 35 YH credits (7 weeks)
  • Machine learning with MLKit (Android), 35 YH credits (7 weeks)

You must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and should have at least two years of programming experience or an equivalent background.

If you are unsure about these requirements, please contact us at 0200-210 999.

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