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Modern Programming

Approved and free short-term course
Continue to work and study
or apply for financial grants for studies

  • Learn about new possibilities opened up by AI-assisted coding
  • Master new development tools, programming languages and frameworks
  • Learn Swift/SwiftUI for iOS and Kotlin/Jetpack Compose for Android
  • Learn how to figure out all new rules and distribution methods
  • Become even more attractive in the job market

Advancements in processors, mobiles, watches, TVs, cars, and glasses are driving the need for new tools, programming languages, frameworks, rules, and deployment methods. Additionally, the creation of AI-assisted coding offers new possibilities. These developments present exciting opportunities for those looking to upgrade their skills!

Whether you love or hate traditional programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, or C, your knowledge is valuable. You can make a lifelong living from your professional skills.

However, new processors and advancements in powerful devices are driving the need for new development tools, programming languages, frameworks, and, most importantly, new rules and distribution methods.

Add to this the new possibilities opened up by AI-assisted coding, and you have a host of exciting opportunities for those who want to be at the forefront of their field.

Malmö Yrkeshögskola is offering a short course in new programming languages for those who have at least two years of experience in programming.

The course is accredited, free of charge, and eligible for student grants. It is designed to be flexible and remote, allowing you to upgrade your skills while continuing to work.

During the course, you will gain knowledge of new development tools, collaboration opportunities, certification requirements, sales channels (such as app stores), market insights, and AI support. We will cover Apple’s Swift/SwiftUI, Google and JetBrains’ Kotlin/Jetpack Compose, among other development methods.

Learn about: publishing requirements for different app stores, market analysis, sales channels, development tools, multilingual apps in international markets, publishing in relevant app stores, customizing for different devices, and publishing information across various platforms.

The course is approved, free of charge, and qualifies for grants according to CSN’s conditions. The course is held online and is flexibly structured for those who want to upgrade their skills while continuing to work. Development and sales licenses from Apple and Google are included.

  • App stores and development environments, 20 YH credits (4 weeks)
  • Development with Jetpack Compose (Android), 20 YH credits (4 weeks)
  • Development with SwiftUI (iOS), 20 YH credits (4 weeks)
Own Equipment:

To make effective use of the software across all devices including Apple, you should have a recent MacBook Air or Pro equipped with at least 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Additionally, you should have at least one high-quality mobile device.

You will also need a fast internet connection, whether at home, work, or any other location where you plan to participate in the course.

At no extra cost to you, you will be provided with your own developer license for Apple/iOS and a store account for Google/Android.


You must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and should have at least two years of programming experience or an equivalent background.

If you are unsure about these requirements, please contact us at 0200-210 999.

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